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Reading Comprehension Problems

Diagnosis Comprehension problems are sometimes difficult to diagnose. We give a diagnostic reading battery with several comprehension components. However, typically, an experienced tutor can determine the source of the problem. The following is a list of student behaviors that affect comprehension: omitting words mispronouncing words omitting the pauses for punctuation lack of vocabulary lack of […]

Attention Deficit Disorder

Diagnosis Students with ADHD fall on a continuum from mild to severe. Many good, well-behaved students are under-diagnosed, especially females.  Even if students appear to be listening and attending, many times their brain is not engaged;therefore, they are not learning.  It is critical to listen to your family doctor or pediatrician, not to articles on […]


Diagnosis of Dyslexia The diagnosis of dyslexia will originate from a child psychologist. The schools in our area do not use the term dyslexia when diagnosing learning challenges. They will label it as a developmental delay, learning disability, or auditory processing. Many people believe that with dyslexia students actually see letter and words backwards. This […]