Diagnosis of Dyslexia The diagnosis of dyslexia will originate from a child psychologist. The schools in our area do not use the term dyslexia when diagnosing learning challenges. They will label it as a developmental delay, learning disability, or auditory processing. Many people believe that with dyslexia students actually see letter and words backwards. This […]

Reading Comprehension Problems

Diagnosis Comprehension problems are sometimes difficult to diagnose. We give a diagnostic reading battery with several comprehension components. However, typically, an experienced tutor can determine the source of the problem. The following is a list of student behaviors that affect comprehension: omitting words mispronouncing words omitting the pauses for punctuation lack of vocabulary lack of […]

Will you coordinate with my child’s instruction which he/she is receiving at school?

Typically we are very knowledgeable about how the different schools teach reading. If we are concerned that our program may not blend well with the child’s reading program, we will contact your child’s teacher to determine exactly what is being taught. Sometimes we have to adjust our program to better blend with the child’s school […]

What if my teacher’s child tells me they are having a reading comprehension problem?

Many schools combine comprehension and decoding. They will inform you that your child has a reading comprehension problem when in reality they are not analyzing the two issues. We separate the two issues. Many times the child’s decoding is affecting the comprehension. We address the decoding first, then the comprehension. If your child is truly […]