Attention Deficit Disorder

Kid Bored With Homework


Students with ADHD fall on a continuum from mild to severe. Many good, well-behaved students are under-diagnosed, especially females.  Even if students appear to be listening and attending, many times their brain is not engaged;therefore, they are not learning.  It is critical to listen to your family doctor or pediatrician, not to articles on the internet or popular media.  Poor attention and poor behavior hinder academic success more than any other learning challenge.

How our program is responsive to ADHD

We developed Reading for Kids specifically for students with attention concerns.  Our program provides short activities to maintain attention and interest.  We divide our tutoring session into 15- minute segments.  The student begins with a 15-minute lesson, followed by a 15-minute game, practicing the same concept just learned in the lesson.  The next activity is a reading computer activity specifically chosen on their level.  Finally, the student reads a passage on their instructional level. Our students do not sit for an hour or two!

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Related skills

Behavioral difficulties that typically correlate with ADHD – disorganization, lack of appropriate classroom behavior, impulsive behavior – can be addressed with behavioral goals we specifically design for your child.  We discuss their behaviors and reward their successes.  We also provide study skills instruction for our older students.