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    This evaluation is meant to assess an accurate view of your child’s current capabilities.

    Do not give assistance to your child on this evaluation. Accuracy is important to us when determining a starting point for your child’s tutoring experience.

    If your child misses the first several items in a section, and it is clear that they cannot identify the item correctly you may stop. There is no need to continue until they are not frustrated.

    Step 1: Sounds

    Write each of these letters, one at a time, largely and in lower case on paper. Ask your child to tell you the sound that each letter makes. Mark any incorrect responses.


    Step 2: Sounds

    Follow the same instructions for the following sounds. Mark any incorrect responses.


    Step 3: Rhyming Words

    Remind your child that a rhyme happens when two words have the same ending sound. Discuss some simple examples (i.e. cat-hat, stick-trick, boat-goat..) Ask you child the following rhyming words in the suggested question format. Mark any incorrect responses.

    EXAMPLE: Cat. “Tell me a word that rhymes with cat. Give me real words.”


    Please select the following true statements.

    My child answered slowly.My child answered using the order of ABC's.

    Step 4: Blending Sounds

    Tell your child that you are going to blend some words together. You will give your child separated sounds and he/she will blend them together to create a word. Mark any incorrect responses.


    Step 5: Reading Words

    Print these words, one at a time, neatly on paper. Your child should sound them out. Mark any incorrect responses on this form. Mark any incorrect responses.


    Step 6: Reading Sentences

    Neatly write the sentence on paper one at a time. Ask your child to read the following sentences. Mark all incorrect or missed words. If they miss every word in a sentence, stop. Mark any incorrect responses.

    The bat can tap.The crab traps the plant.The pest slept in a tent.Brad went to grill a fish.She plays with the huge kite.

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