To whom do you refer parents?

We only refer to specific professionals within the Tulsa area that are especially equipped to diagnose or assist in an individual child’s needs. We commonly refer our clients to child psychologists, developmental pediatricians, ophthalmologists, child development specialists, occupational therapists, and speech and language pathologists. Referral to the correct professional is critical.

Will you tell me if my child has dyslexia?

No, we will not diagnose any particular learning challenge. We will refer you to other qualified professionals. It is important to obtain the diagnosis to determine future educational programming and planning. With a detailed report from a child psychologist, we can tailor the child’s program to fit his or her individual needs. Dyslexia can be […]

What does the evaluation consist of?

The evaluation is geared toward obtaining the information we need to plan appropriate lessons and possible further referrals. We assess reading level, ability to auditorially, analyze sounds and parts of words, fluency, oral language comprehension, sight words, spelling of sounds, and several other relevant areas. The evaluation will depend on the individual needs of the […]

What kind of progress can we expect?

Many parents inevitably ask this question. I will not promise a certain amount of progress in any amount of time. Reading is a complicated process. It can depend on the child’s attention span, language skills, auditory processing, visual processing, visual memory, phonological processing/awareness, directionality, vocabulary, intelligence, vision skills, memory skills, and other various skills. Many […]