How competitive is your price?

We provide an excellent service with individualized materials and prizes. Our students do not sit in a group situation. We have one-on-one instruction. We have degreed tutors and a doctorate level professional planning the lessons. You will not find a better value for you dollar.

How can I get my child to do the homework?

Typically the homework is on their independent reading level, so it will not be difficult. When students see improvement, they will typically be motivated by their progress. We also have tutors that work on developing positive relationships with their students – this will also provide additional motivation. We reward our students with giant play money […]

Girl Doing Homework

How much homework is required?

We send a large amount of homework; however, it is up to you, as the parent, to determine how much homework to ask your child to do. We have discovered that for children who are significantly behind their expected grade level, it is critical for them to do as much of our homework as possible. […]

Will personnel at Reading for Kids give an opinion on whether or not my child should be retained?

Many parents ask us what our opinion regarding the decision to retain their child. We do not see them in the classroom environment, so our information is limited. We will inform you of your child’s current reading level and how they perform during the tutoring. We can also refer you to other professionals for specific […]